OFF TOPIC: Alice In Wonderland//Play My Game!?!

February 23, 2010

Alice In Wonderland a film directed by Tim Burton, release date: 5 March 2010

One of the biggest drug movies (my thoughts) is hitting the screen in 3-d and yes you can bet your ass I’ll be in the crowd cross faded laughing my ass off, and annoying people. I was surprised to see the trailer for this movie on television at first but very pleased that there re-mastering this movie and in 3-d none the less. Check this video out:

Alice in Wonderland Drug References:


Here’s a random story I thought I would blog about, feel free to read if your bored. So I was walking around town bored on a Friday night. I looked down the street and seen a big warrior sculpture, my first thought was “hey a gaming shop” so I went to go check it out. I was right but!! Disappointed it was a board game shop War Hammer,Lord Of The Rings etc. Which I don’t have a problem with but its not my cup of tea, before I left I was forced to play a long board and sign up for an 80$ membership. Forced? You say, you should of seen the mad nerd hahah I was stuck and I was this close to running out of the store during his speech.